Canadians crush cross-country

Canadians clean up at the NACAC cross-country championships, love is in the air and more.

Canadians crush the NACAC cross-country championships

The NACAC (North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association) cross-country championships were held this past weekend. The 10K race was held in Port Spain in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Canadian women’s team, consisting of Jessica O’Connell (2nd), Natasha Wodak (4th), Genevieve Lalonde (5th), Katelyn Ayer (9th), Claire Sumner (13th) and Natalia Hawthorn (16th), came second as team. The top four performances count towards the total team performance.

The United States came first in the team competition and Mexico took home bronze.

On the men’s side of the competition, U.S. was first, Canada second and Trinidad and Tobago finished third.

The Canadian men’s team consisted of Rory Linkletter (5th), Mike Tate (7th), Evan Esselink (9th), Benjamin Preisser (10th) and Ehab El-Sandali (12th).

Our Under 20 teams swept both the men’s and women’s podiums at the event.

Canadians took the top four spots in the women’s 6K race: Taryn O’Neil, Charlotte Wood, Makenna Fitzgerald and Anne Forsyth. On the men’s side, men grabbed the top three positions in the 8K race: Evan Burke, Nicolas Mota and Andrew Davies.

Women are on fire lately

I have comes across so many good interviews, profiles and podcasts with female athletes lately, crushing everything from short-distance track to multiple marathons in a single week. I’d normally put these links in the Strides section, but there are so many of them this week, I thought I’d give them extra love.

In not-Canadian-but-still-badass lady coverage worth checking out:

Love on the run

Valentine’s Day was last week, so a few running media outlets covered the connection between love and running.

What’s it like to be an elite runner’s partner? That’s the question Canadian Running’s podcast The Shakeout explored in their special Valentine’s Day episode. They spoke to Melissa Bishop’s husband, Osi Nriagu, Natasha Wodak’s boyfriend, Alan BaggooMatt Hughes’s fiancée Maddie DavidsonMadeleine Kelly’s boyfriend Jeremy Rae and Will Roumanis, who dates Kate van Buskirk (who hosts The Shakeout, BTW).

Runner’s World had this cute story about blind runner Anthony Butler and his running-partner-turned-girlfriend Jessie Rix. The two met when Jessie decided to volunteer with Achilles, the international organization that pairs runners with disabilities with guides for races.

I first heard about Anthony in an old episode of Runner’s World now-defunct podcast Human Race (He was in episode 11, Bright Eyes). Human Race ended in 2017 but it remains one of the best running podcasts I have ever listened to.

If you’re interested in volunteering for Achilles Canada, they have all the information on their site.

A day in the life of decathlete Damian Warner

Canadian Running followed decathlete Damian Warner to see what a typical training day looked like. Damian lives and trains in London, Ont., where a his days usually consists of weights/physio session and a track/therapy session.

They posted the highlights on YouTube, and you can watch it below.

Canadian spring marathon schedule

You should probably be training by now for most of these races, but here’s a roundup of your Canadian marathon options, just in case!

A book I read and liked this week

I read a ton — running books and otherwise — and figured I might as well start highlighting them here. A book I read this week is Running Within by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott. It’s a great overview of various mindful techniques you can use to up your running mental game: affirmations, meditation, visualization and the like. In the age of Headspace and Calm and self-care and mindfulness, there wasn’t anything truly mindblowing or revelatory in this book (which is from 1999, by the way, the photos in the book are AMAZINGLY vintage) but it does a great job of breaking the practices down in a useful, actionable way.

Strides: The links I read and liked this week

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